Why The Padlock May Not Show In Your Browser

No matter what you are about to say, I want to pay by 'phone

No problem. If you do not wish to transmit your payment details then please select the option to pay by "Cheque/BACS/Phone". You will not need to enter financial information on the web site and you may call or email directly using the contact information below.


We take very great care to ensure that any personal information you enter on this web site is kept safe. This page explains why the padlock does not appear in your browser.

We use the services of Frame-It Services Limited to manufacture or supply the products you wish to order. Frame-It are the UK's largest online custom frame manufacturer, having supplied hundreds of thousands of customers since 2003.

Frame-It Services Limited have provided computer software to our web site that enables you to design and order frames (this is called pro-framer). This software communicates with the Frame-It Services Limited computer to transmit order and payment information for manufacture and despatch.

This communication happens automatically and uses SSL 128-bit encryption certified by RapidSSL (a trading name of Equifax).


The address of this page (see the address bar at the top of this page) starts with the letters https. You will also see the padlock icon. This is your guarantee that this page is secure. You can also check the page properties or info (usually this is available by right-clicking on the page, but it depends on your browser). Then take a look at the 'Certificate' which can be seen by clicking the appropriate button (you might need to change to the tab called "security" if using the Firefox browser) and it will look something like this...

It is this secure SSL certificate that is used by our web site during all communications involving personal financial information.

The Technical Stuff

pro-framer is a component that uses a variety of technologies to provide framing and ordering functionality to authorised licencees...

The HTML page runs in an iframe on our web site and makes use of the Javascript libraries which, in turn, provide a high level API to the web services as well as interactive frame design functionality.

All communication, whether personal or not, between our web site and the remote web services is done using SSL as described above. If the padlock isn't showing it is because the host page to the iframe is not itself SSL-enabled. This is not a problem because it doesn't send any sensitive information across the wire.

Speak to a Human!

If you wish to speak directly with Frame-It please feel free to contact them directly...

Frame-It Services Limited
Unit 5 Eltisley Business Park
St Neots
PE19 6TX

Tel: 01767 677888
EMail: sales@pro-framer.co.uk

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9am until 5pm